The fate of Cook's ships

What happened to the ships that Cook sailed in is not well documented, leading to much speculation.
Some of it has been aired in the pages of our journal Cook's Log.

How she ended her days at Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Did she end up at the bottom of an American harbour?

Or did she house female convicts on the River Thames in England?

What happened to his four ships,plus the confusion between the fate of the Endeavour and Resolution , and the confusion ...

The first results of some under water investigation of a dozen transport vessels scuttled by the fleeing British in the ...

The work of the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) on two of the transports

The study of the first transport site has been completed

An update on the work by RIMAP and the formation of the Foundation for the Preservation of Captain Cook's Ships

A CCS member visited Newport in September, 2001, and spoke to Dr Katherine Abbass about exploration progress

The movements of Endeavour after her return to England from Cook's first voyage are discussed

Scuba divers have recently damaged a sunken Revolutionary War British ship in Newport Harbor

The results of the controlled archaeological survey of Newport Harbor in 2005

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project has announced the finding of a ninth eighteenth-century shipwreck site in...

Announcements from the RIMAP news conference of 4 May, 2016,

On 21 September, 2018, the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) presented its annual report on research...

The 2018 report pinpointed two debris piles that were of particular interest as possibly being the site of Endeavour.

1776 map of Newport is the earliest printed plan of Newport

Australian National Maritime Museum announces the shipwreck of Endeavour “had been positively...