Statue to Cook at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Life-size statue in bronze, standing in the grounds of Cook’s Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens.

The sculptor was Marc Clark, who was born in London, England in 1923.  In 1973 Clark was commissioned to create this statue, which was for the garden of the show house of the Endeavour Hills housing estate, in a suburb south east of Melbourne.
When the show house was sold it was moved to another show house, but when this was sold to Doctor Sylvia Smith, an English medical practitioner, it was considered to be too expensive to move it again, and so it remained in her garden.
In 1996 the owner of the statue was Dr Mark Hassed, an Endeavour Hills dentist, who tried to sell it, first privately, then by auction, but it seems  nobody wanted the statue.  It was then gifted to the City of Melbourne in 1996, and accepted by the Melbourne Open Air Sculpture Museum Trust.
In 1997, a place was found for the statue in the grounds of Cook’s Cottage in Fitzroy Park, Melbourne.

GPS Coordinates: -37,816005,  144.982445

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